Scotia Health & Dental Insurance

Meet your healthcare needs while protecting yourself from rising costs

Helps pay for things that employer and provincial healthcare plans don’t cover

You are eligible to apply for coverage for yourself, your spouse and your dependent children if you are:

  • 18 to 64 years old
  • a Canadian resident
  • a Scotiabank customer or the spouse of a Scotiabank customer
  • You are covered by a provincial or territorial health care plan
  • If you are a resident of Quebec, you are required to have RAMQ drug coverage or an equivalent group or association plan, which is the first payer for prescription drugs

Plus, you have the option of selecting only health insurance or both health and dental insurance, so you can choose the protection that's right for you.

Scotia Health & Dental Insurance offers you:

Affordable group rates

You benefit from low group rates exclusively for Scotiabank customers, their spouses and their dependent children

Lifetime protection

Your coverage could last a lifetime, with the exception of Emergency Travel + Medical Assistance, which ends at age 80

Convenient payment options

You can select monthly preauthorized payments from either your credit card or chequing account

Simple and fast reimbursement

For your convenience, a drug card will be provided to you (not available in Quebec). Claim payments can be deposited directly to your bank account.

30-day money-back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your coverage, simply cancel it within 30 days. Any premiums already paid will be refunded—no questions asked.

Important details you need to know

  • If you are applying as a couple or a family, you must choose the same plan for everyone
  • All annual or lifetime maximums are per person. Annual maximums are based on the anniversary of the Group Policy plan year¹, and any unused portion may not be carried forward for use in subsequent years
  • If you live in Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Ontario or Yukon and are over age 65, Scotia Health & Dental Insurance is the second payor after any government sponsored drug plans. We have lowered the premiums that must be paid in these provinces/territories to reflect this difference in coverage
  • Scotia Health & Dental Insurance may cover eligible drugs that are not covered by the provincial plans

Coverage may be declined to you or your family member(s) based on the medical history of each individual

Health insurance plan

Prescription drugs

Maximum: Lifetime maximum of $1 million per person (not including Emergency Medical and Travel Assistance).

Deductible: None

  • Covers 75% of drugs that legally require a written prescription by a doctor or dentist up to an annual maximum of $10,000. Unless a specific drug is prescribed, the plan covers 75% of the cost of the generic drug equivalent
  • Covers a maximum dispensing fee of $5.00 per prescription (not applicable in Quebec), $250 lifetime maximum of $10,000smoking cessation drugs and $250 annual maximum for oral contraceptives
  • Fertility drugs are not covered
  • Convenient drug card provided (not available in Quebec)
hospital services Upgrade to a semi-private room - 75% of the incremental cost up to a maximum of $150 per day; 60 days maximum per year.

Emergency medical & travel assistance

100% coverage is available during the first 30 days of a trip (out of province or out of country) up to a lifetime maximum of $1 million. Coverage is not available for pre-existing conditions within the past 9 months. Coverage terminates at age 80.

Paramedical services

  • 75% coverage up to a maximum of $25 per visit and 12 visits per practitioner per year
  • $800 per year maximum combined for all practitioners
  • Includes: Chiropractor, Osteopath, Podiatrist, Chiropodist, Registered Massage Therapist, Naturopath, Speech Language Pathologist, Psychologist, Physiotherapist and Acupuncturist

Vision care

  • 1 year waiting period from effective date of coverage
  • $150 maximum every 2 years, including a maximum of $50 per biannual eye exam (1 exam per year for a person under age 18)
  • Coverage includes: prescription glasses, contact lenses, prescription sun glasses, and laser eye surgery

Medical services & equipment expenses

75% of the cost up to a lifetime maximum of $20,000:
  • Private Duty Nursing - Up to an annual maximum of $2,500
  • Accidental Dental - Up to an annual maximum of $2,000
  • Hearing Aids - $400 maximum every 5 years
  • Orthotics - Orthotics, including custom orthopedic shoes - $300 annual maximum
  • Ambulance - 75% coverage for ground ambulance
  • Emergency air ambulance - $10,000 maximum per incident
  • Durable Equipment - $2,500 annual maximum. Includes: artificial limbs or other prosthetic appliances, splints and crutches, casts, walkers, braces (not solely for athletic use), traction kits, wheelchairs (lifetime maximum of $4,000), and hospital beds (lifetime maximum of $1,500).
  • Other - Includes: wigs following chemotherapy ($350 annual maximum), surgical stockings (2 pairs per year), stump socks (5 pairs per year), oxygen, diagnostic laboratory and x-ray examinations, and blood glucose monitors ($150 maximum every 5 years).

Dental insurance plan


You can add valuable dental coverage to your health plan.
  • The plan covers 75% of costs up to a maximum of $500 in the first year of coverage
  • Subsequent years' annual maximum is $750
  • 3 month waiting period from effective date of coverage
  • No coverage for orthodontia or major dental services, such as root canals, bridges or crowns

Oral Exams

  • 1 recall exam every 9 months
  • 1 complete exam every 3 years
  • Emergency or specific examinations


  • 1 set of bitewing x-rays every 18 months
  • 1 complete series of x-rays every 5 years


  • Polishing - 1 unit every 9 months
  • Topical fluoride - 1 unit every 9 months
  • Scaling and root planing - 4 units every year
  • Fillings - amalgam, composite, acrylic or equivalent
  • Diagnostic tests and laboratory examinations
  • Emergency or palliative services
  • Uncomplicated removal of teeth



Comprehensive coverage at competitive rates

Your premiums will be based on your age, your spouse's age (if applicable), province of residence, type of coverage (single, couple, or family) and the plan you choose (health or health and dental).

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