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In the rush of preparing for a trip, vacationers often overlook the necessity of securing their homes while they are away. Here are some tips that can help you deter burglars and make it appear that you are home:

  • Use light timers to simulate occupancy
  • Leave shades and blinds in normal positions
  • Light up the porch and yard with a time controller
  • Have lawns mowed, sidewalks swept, hedges clipped on schedule
  • Lock all exterior doors securely by using thick cylinder locks on outside entrances. If you are worried about someone picking or forcing the lock, use more secure locks including ones considered pick-resistant
  • Form a neighbourhood crime watch with the assistance of your local police department. Ask a trusted neighbour to watch your property when you are away; do the same for them and report anything suspicious
  • Check all nearby streetlights to be sure they are functional. If not, contact your electricity company to request a repair. Intruders are not fond of well-lit areas
  • Arrange to have a neighbour pick up your mail and newspapers when you are on vacation. If that is not possible, cancel all deliveries
  • Arrange with your post office to hold your mail or leave it with a neighbour
  • Never advertise your departure especially on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Replace any exterior hollow doors with solid ones
  • Install locks that wedge and bolt in sliding doors and double hung windows
  • Invest in a good alarm system
  • Contact your home security service provider to advise your absence and make changes to your contact protocols